• Type
  • Multi-Unit Residential
  • Client
  • Bloc
  • Location
  • Griffith, ACT
  • Project Details
  • The proposed design for this development responds to the adjoining Axial Apartments in overall scale and building height and also two street address at front and rear. The two wings parallel the street lines respectively, allowing the central garden court to open up light and ventilation into the central lift lobby and circulation.

    Landscape is ever present throughout this project delivering a relaxing, quiet and friendly feel to every apartment and every journey within the building. The modular structural grid extends from basement to roof level with two intersecting grids expressing the scale and width of every apartment. One standalone lift marks the entry from the street.

    A robust concrete frame and precast panels make the main structure and enclosure for the building. Timber screening is used to shade and soften the main courtyard circulation areas and extend the landscape to touchable areas in the lobbies and entry areas. Apartments enjoy cross ventilation, optimum orientation, views and vistas well beyond the immediate surroundings.