Fyshwick Markets

  • Type
  • Commercial
  • Client
  • The Fyshwick Markets
  • Location
  • Fyshwick, ACT
  • Project Details
  • Our prime aim at Fyshwick was to transform and grow the markets into a multiuse hub and central focus for the entire Eastlake redevelopment by building around the edges of the parking and “public” market square.

    The narrow and highly restrictive land use policy applying in Fyshwick has frustrated efforts to fully realise the potential of the Fyshwick Markets Precinct as a multiuse retail, service and community focus for the area.

    The parking and market square is maintained as the central focus creating a sense of place for the markets and an address for all stall holders and businesses. The architectural language adapts an industrial typology that responds to the original utilitarian nature of the markets. There is a strong materiality and texture, using exposed steel and concrete to maintain and reinforce this original character, and deliver a very cost effective outcome.

    The building is a two storey structure wrapping around the central square in a ‘U’ shape with businesses located on the ground fl oor and employee parking on the upper deck. Businesses spill out into the two storey colonnade running along the building edge that faces the square, displaying their produce and providing seating for café patrons. The colonnade achieves its purpose, as it bustles with activity and patrons enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the markets.


2012 - Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter Commercial Architecture - The John Andrews Award for Commercial Architecture