Tynan Freeman announced as finalist in Tapestry Design Prize for Architects

The Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW) has announced the finalists of the 2016 ATW Tapestry Design Prize for Architects. 

The prize, launched in 2015, invites architects to design a site-specific tapestry, which this year is to be hypothetically located at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, designed by Col Madigan.

This year, 13 tapestry designs have been shortlisted by the selection panel. They are:

  • Black Hole / Hole in the Wall – Andrew Foster and Jessica Kreps
  • Ten Deserts – Beth George, Emerald Wise and Kate Fitzgerald
  • Unknown: Author(s) – Tiffany Liew
  • Fabricated Dialogues – Cooper Freeman (Stephanie Cooper and Tynan Freeman)
  • (Un)Veiling – Eugene Cheah Architecture (Eugene Cheah and Joanne Saw)
  • 98% of everything that is built and designed today is pure shit – Jemmott
  • Meditullium (Deintus) – Heartland (From Within) – JoyJoy
  • 22 Temenggong Road, Twilight – Kerry Hill Architects
  • Breathe 42 16’12.00” S 145 49’12.00” E – Misho + Associates
  • Celestial Shift – NH Architecture
  • ReCollections – NH Architecture
  • Concrete Tapestry – Sarah Lake Architects
  • Sea-m – Rebecca O’Brien

The shortlisted designs will be displayed at an exhibition opening on 30 August.

The judges for this year’s prize include Professor Kay Lawrence (chair, University of South Australia), John Denton (Denton Corker Marshall), Brian Zulaikha (Tonkin Zulaikha Greer), Julie Ewington (curator and arts writer), Kieran Wong (CODA) and Alice Hampson (Alice Hampson Architects).

In 2015, John Wardle Architects’ Perspective on a Flat Surface and Kristin Green and Michelle Hamer’s Long Term Parking were jointly awarded first prize. Arts philanthropist Judith Neilson made a donation to fund the production of John Wardle Architects’ tapestry, which will be displayed in the proposed Phoenix Gallery designed by John Wardle Architects, Durbach Block Jaggers, Janet Laurence and Khai Liew. The Australian Tapestry Workshop is working with Kristin Green and Michelle Hamer on funding options to produce their tapestry design.