Bridge Point

Kingston Foreshore ACT




Interiors in collaboration with Katon Redgen Mathieson


Stefan Postles

Bridge Point is a luxury apartment development providing a new benchmark for apartment living in Canberra. It provides a mix of residential types and presents a unique urban solution for the changing Canberra residential landscape.

The nature of the site and its visibility from multiple vantages, have resulted in a comprehensive design to be viewed from all points. The frontage for Trevillian Quay provides a strong sense of street address and enhances the views across the harbour quay. The lake frontage presents as a stepped building, enhancing the public realm by providing lower level built elements to the lake edge and the higher elements behind.

The ‘Apartments’ are positioned to the south of the site fronting Trevillian Quay. The scale of this building is broken by a defined parapet wall at the 4th storey with built elements continuing up to six storeys. The Apartments have three separate address points each clearly defined by a glazed stair and lift core.

Materials used throughout the project are robust and carefully detailed. Off-form concrete, marble, metalwork and aluminium framed glazing form the primary palette for the lower base building. Timber and soft lighting is used at the street level and entrance lobbies. 

2013 Residential Architecture, Multi Unit Housing Commendation - Australian Institute of Architecture ACT Chapter