Town Beach, Port Macquarie NSW








Two O Seven Visual (Imagery)



Galerie is located on a prominent corner site in Port Macquarie’s Town Beach precinct. The site serves as an interface between the CBD to the west, beaches to the northeast and lower density residential to the south. The design responds to this variation in scale by siting an eight-storey apartment tower to the north and smaller townhouses to the south. This clarity of scale together with a crisp, warm materiality and generous landscaping creates a strong sense of place.  

The tower sits confidently alongside its high-density residential neighbours on William Street, with a concrete base providing a sense of solidity and privacy for residents. The upper levels are lighter and open to capture the panoramic views of the ocean and parkland to the north.  


The townhouses relate to the more suburban character of Church Street. This building is stepped to maximise ocean views to the east whilst strengthening the visual corridor to St Thomas Anglican Church to the west. This brings a rhythmic, fine grain quality to the street. 


The two buildings frame a central communal space with lush, terraced landscaping, outdoor dining and an indoor pool. Together these elements lend a resort-like feel to the space and promote social interaction. The central garden provides every dwelling with a dual frontage for cross-ventilation, outlook and access to natural light.