East Canberra Greenline

Gaining Traction

Canberra ACT
Fyshwick Business Association
Concept, Master Plan, Urban Design

The Greenline introduces a transformative concept poised to reshape east Canberra through a public and active transport superhighway. The idea has ignited the imagination of Canberra’s community, government and the business community, marking a pivotal step towards addressing urban sprawl and cultivating a resilient, interconnected city.

The core of this groundbreaking idea lies in repurposing the underutilised heavy rail corridor into a car-free transit corridor. The visionary proposal explores relocating the existing Kingston Railway Station to a new transport hub on Fyshwick's outskirts, freeing a 4km stretch of land primed for transformation into a linear village and active transport artery.

This transformative proposal aims to connect east Canberra, unlocking development land and potential for inner city revitalization, accommodating Canberra’s growth while fostering a compact, yet generous urban landscape.

Central to the East Canberra Greenline is a linear park and transport corridor linking communities between Kingston Foreshore to Fyshwick. Situated within the existing rail corridor, this light rail and active transport pathway is car-free, promoting community engagement, climate resilience, and the opportunity for controlled urban growth.

The Greenline integrates light rail with a spacious pedestrian and cycling path, designed to encourage active transportation. Adjacent mixed-use developments frame and define the Greenline, creating secure, green spaces for the community. Beyond its transportation function, the Greenline serves as an ecological corridor, cooling the urban environment and fostering a connection to the land through daily movement. The utilisation of the existing rail corridor could save significant cost while minimising disruption within already congested roadways such as Canberra Avenue.

The Greenline directly links established and emerging precincts, including Kingston Foreshore, Fyshwick Markets, Jerrabomberra Wetlands, East Lake, Dairy Road Precinct, CIT, and Fyshwick.

The East Canberra Greenline is a radical idea to rethink Canberra’s growth and create infrastructure projects which help solve our growth and climate crisis. The concept has potential to form part of an eastern loop connecting the airport, city and parliamentary triangle, re-defining eastern Canberra and positioning our capital city at the forefront of resilient city making.

The proposal has received widespread attention from the local community, government, and private industry.

“The fundamental challenge of this century is to make our cities more sustainable and healthy places to live. This means creating car-free green streets that have outstanding public transport, encourage active travel and foreground wellbeing for all people. Canberra is uniquely placed to deliver this vision.” Says Director, Felicity Stewart.


“This proposal looks to unlock a significant quantum of underutilised land in central Canberra. Smart infill will help to limit urban development at the fringes of our already sprawling capital city. This project alone could accommodate a significant portion of Canberra’s future growth whilst safeguarding and enhancing key natural assets like the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.” Highlights Practice Principal Marcus Graham

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