Radford College Master Plan


Bruce, Canberra ACT


Radford College


$80M (over 10 years)


Master Plan completed 2017
Ongoing architectural projects


Following an invited competition, Stewart Architecture was engaged to undertake a 10 year master plan for the Radford College campus in Bruce.

The purpose of the Radford master plan is to provide a framework to guide new investment and growth within the campus. This is a key objective of the College Strategic Plan and seeks to align existing facilities with contemporary and age-appropriate educational needs.

New facilities will complement and enhance the current style in a manner that will create an attractive and safe place for students, meet College needs for students and staff accommodation, ensure the facilities support modern teaching and learning practices, and guide the layout of new infrastructure to better connect and organise the campus.

The master plan builds upon the current character of the campus, embracing and enhancing the special qualities of this unique school. New buildings range in height from one to three storeys to create a more compact and connected campus, address the site topography, maximise green landscape spaces and create key places for congregation across the campus. Stewart Architecture has now completed 3 buildings within the school master plan.