Morison Centre

Bruce ACT

Radford College




Lydia Downe


The Morison Centre is a prominent new building to consolidate student, staff and community uses within the secondary campus. The Centre forms an important part of the College Master Plan by formalising the ‘upper terrace’ - a level and covered walkway linking the campus. Additionally, the Centre provides the backdrop to the new ‘Commons’ – an acre of native landscape and eucalypt lawns for the relaxation of staff and students.

The Morison Centre creates a collaborative and flexible work and learning space. As the new address to the secondary school, the upper floor provides a dignified new entry to staff and executive spaces. The lower floor provides a student services hub to consolidate wellness as well as counselling spaces for the students and teachers.

The Morison Centre demonstrates passive sustainable design, providing a comfortable learning and workspace throughout the year. The north facing building has wide overhangs for shading and extensive double glazing for daylighting. Automatic windows allow full cross-ventilation. The Morison Centre is a genuinely multi-use building which has significantly improved College operations and movement around the campus.