Red Hill House


Red Hill, Canberra ACT


National Build






Nestled amongst the leafy tree lined streets of Red Hill, the house perches itself on a quiet hill to maximise the expansive views; calmly integrated with the streetscape and disguising the lower level below. The design reimagines the long horizontal lines of 1960’s California architecture, presented in a contemporary context.


The house is organised by way of four strong vertical walls, which divide the plan into two key wings connected via an entrance gallery and stair. At the end of each wing, the plan opens to maximise the Red Hill vistas, the private terrace and pool.

The roof is a key element of this house, elevated above the primary blade walls by high level glazing. This extends the entire perimeter of the house, controlling the northern solar access and creating a comfortable internal environment year round.

The passive principles applied include solar orientation and control, thermal mass and cross ventilation, all of which create year round comfort while reducing costs in artificial lighting, heating and cooling. The composition of elegant design, conscious sustainability and a refined material palette, create a modern family home.