Street Theatre


Civic, Canberra ACT








The Street Theatre, since being established in 1993 has become a coveted meeting place. Due to its popularity as a venue for fringe theatre and music, the original rehearsal room was used as a second theatre. Subsequently, the theatre was working to capacity and the majority of the administrative staff were housed in a transportable unit. Our brief was to provide purpose built administrative space as well as a dedicated rehearsal space. 

This distinctive architectural style of the existing theatre is not easily extended and therefore our focus in delivering new arts office space was to treat the new space as distinctively and deliberately different to the existing architecture. The theatre occupies the centre of the site whilst the new arts space is proposed to occupy the perimeter of the site creating secure and useful courtyards between the existing and new structures. This allows for an interactive facade to University Avenue and the existing forecourt to remain as a potential outdoor venue - with existing trees distinguishing the main address to the theatre complex. Stewart Architecture have added value with the potential future use of the 1st floor roof space for additional arts related uses as required.